David Naccache
Reinhard Posch
Pim Tuyls
  • David Naccache, Can Code Polymorphism Limit Information Leakage?
    ABSTRACT: In addition to its usual complexity assumptions, cryptography silently assumes that information can be physically protected in a single location. As one can easily imagine, real-life devices are not ideal and information may leak through different physical side-channels.
    In this work we explore the use of polymorphic code as a way of resisting side channel attacks.\smallskip We present experimental results with procedural and functional languages. In each case we rewrite the protected code code $F_i$ before its execution. The outcome is a genealogy of programs $F_0,F_1,\ldots$ such that for all inputs $x$ and for all indexes $i,j$, $F_i(x)=F_j(x)$. This is shown to increase resistance to side channel attacks.
    A joint work with: Antoine Amarilli (ENS), Sascha Müller (U Darmstadt), Daniel Page (U Bristol), Pablo Rauzy (ENS) and Michael Tunstall (U Bristol)

    David Naccache is a member of the ENS's cryptography group and a professor at the University of Paris II. Before joining academia David managed Gemplus' Applied Research & Security Centre (over 100 researchers). He holds 80 patent families, published more than 80 scientific papers and served in more than 60 programme committees, all in cryptography and security. He is a Forensic Scientist by the Court of Appeal Paris. His interests are embedded electronics, cryptography and security.

  • Reinhard Posch, New Challenges for the security of public IT-services.
    Reinhard Posch's bio.

  • Pim Tuyls, New Developments in Hardware Intrinsic Security.
    Dr. Pim Tuyls initiated work on physically unclonable functions (PUFs) within Philips Research in 2002. PUFs are now at the heart of Intrinsic-ID technology development. As a principal scientist, he managed the cryptography cluster in Philips Research in which the initial research work on PUFs was carried out. Later, he transferred this work to Intrinsic-ID and headed the technology development. Since 2004, Pim is a visiting professor at the COSIC institute of the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven. His inventions have resulted in numerous patents. He is widely acclaimed for his work in the security field and PUFs in particular. Several of Pim¹s papers relating to PUFs have been published at leading security conferences. He co-authored the book Security with Noisy Data, which was published by Springer in 2007. Since May 2010, he is the CEO of Intrinsic-ID.